Thursday, April 21, 2011


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I am very happy to announce that I've found out that "Elegant Hunters" has made it into Spectrum this year! I am so incredibly happy and honored to be a part of this amazing publication! A big thank you to the judges for accepting me into this awesome book! I really can't wait to see it.
"Elegant Hunters" was created for Imagine FX magazine. You can see the magazine article here.
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Anyway, I've been working on updating my current portfolio. This is a study I did for my concept art section - Mother and offspring. I'm wanting to try and expand on some other subjects and show them in alternate views more. I don't think I will expand this species though. I'm also working out some new environments and such too. I'm excited to start posting some new work! I haven't been able to much in the way of personal work lately so I'm excited to actually have some time. I'll be posting some progress on a few new images for my illustration section later this weekend. I'm also working on lots of new work for Sychey games. It's a very exciting project to be a part of! I'll be posting lots more on it as we release content online and such.

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