Thursday, April 21, 2011


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I am very happy to announce that I've found out that "Elegant Hunters" has made it into Spectrum this year! I am so incredibly happy and honored to be a part of this amazing publication! A big thank you to the judges for accepting me into this awesome book! I really can't wait to see it.
"Elegant Hunters" was created for Imagine FX magazine. You can see the magazine article here.
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Anyway, I've been working on updating my current portfolio. This is a study I did for my concept art section - Mother and offspring. I'm wanting to try and expand on some other subjects and show them in alternate views more. I don't think I will expand this species though. I'm also working out some new environments and such too. I'm excited to start posting some new work! I haven't been able to much in the way of personal work lately so I'm excited to actually have some time. I'll be posting some progress on a few new images for my illustration section later this weekend. I'm also working on lots of new work for Sychey games. It's a very exciting project to be a part of! I'll be posting lots more on it as we release content online and such.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Red Valley

Things have been bittersweet lately. The sketch up above was something I thought I'd finish but it's been "collecting dust". I've had some really great prospects for a new job coming up soon. I'm really very excited about it! It would definitely be a step up and more in the direction I'd like to go with my career. Of course, as it is with movies and video games, everything is "Non-disclosure". I can share things as I go along though. I've been working closely with Sychey Games recently on a new project they are creating. Here is some artwork that I am allowed to share. Sketches for Plasmagonia™ :

This project has been a blast to work on so far! Lots and lots of creatures to design. I'll be sharing more about this project as it moves forward too!

I suppose (some) of the bitterness of the last couple of weeks would come from the fact that my project, The Morae River, has come to a close. I've decided to leave it alone for now. It's hard to let go of a project that has been such a huge part of my life for the last three years. I feel as though the project has grown stagnant and I've fallen into a "system". Which is always good but I need the project to be more than that. The Morae River taught me so much though. Really, I'm seeing it as somewhat of a jumping off point for my next project. I've realized that I'd rather not be in Solturna. Of course, even though I rarely have time to work on personal work my mind needs a place to go so I've decided to take on something new a little closer to "home".
This is a rough banner for my new venture. I'll be posting more on this project soon but for now it's very "under construction". I am really excited for it though. I feel as though it's closer to the project I envisioned in the first place.
Also a reminder that you can follow my activity and such on Facebook now:
I also post sketchbook pages on that page a little more frequently than I do here so check it out! :)
More exciting news coming soon!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elegant Hunters

Got this today :) Another set of tutorials I did for Imagine FX magazine. This magazine actually holds two of my tutorials from Artist's Q&A and a Reader FX Posé. So lots of work in this one!
A very big thank you to the Imagine FX team for featuring some of my work! :) It is always such an honor to be included in this magazine and always so much fun answering questions for the panel!
Here are the two images that were created for the tutorials:

That's it for now. Some other really great news to come soon along with some new work from a new project I'm beginning to work on.

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