Saturday, July 25, 2009


This last weekend was nice despite all of the craziness. We met up with some old friends for dinner at their house. Gary Lion is a member at the country club where I used to work as a waitress. He and his wife, Linnea are a very great couple, both being fans of art, music, and food. They are incredibly generous and have invited us over twice to enjoy "Smokin' Lion BBQ". Gary Lion is a two time champion of a regional BBQ competition so needless to say the chicken was pretty amazing.

Been working on a new animal for the Morae River Project, expect drawings soon. Here is some writing for the animal:

"The Red Tailed Mardik

(cerisum celeripes)

Red Tailed Mardiks are one of the largest tree climbers in the High Wood. Males can weigh up to 11 kilograms and females about 9. They have rough, loose hides and large dewclaws that are incredibly flexible, which they use for climbing though the canopy. They are swift animals, jumping and dashing through the branches in search of food and potential mates, using their long tails for balance.

There are 4 species of Mardik that inhabit the High Wood and they are all distant relatives to the Bala, a large carnivore that resides in the flatlands further south. All Mardiks are omnivores except the Pygmy Mardik, whose diet consists entirely of leaves and plant matter.

Mardiks are loud, energetic animals and are very curious. They call out to each other, making high-pitched yelps to let rival groups know of their presence. Red Taileed Mardiks are social animals and live in groups up to 15 strong. They are governed by a dominant male..."

I am also currently working on a t-shirt design for CCA using the Chimera I designed a few posts back. I will post those soon as well.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Teeth in the grass

I saw this on the way to work today. I love walking to work because I find things like this. Oakland seems to be full of inside jokes represented by graffiti and symbols all over the place. I think its great that the internet and the street are so closely intertwined. Im sure most might find it somewhat sad, but I am really fascinated by it. I've seen so many things around the street that somehow manifest as jokes on the internet.

One week left of Pre college. The program has been a success despite some minor "road bumps" along the way. The kids are in crunch week and so they are dropping like flies with sickness and exhaustion. I forget that I've had about 4 years practice with this way of living. I am ready for a good ending to this thing next week.

The Morae River has been suffering a bit due to my 9-5 schedule but things will pick up in August. Its incredibly hard to balance a full time job, art, and life these days. I feel that Its something that will take a long time to learn and I hope to avoid it all together by keeping my profession art related soon.

I have been writing a bit about a new species that will show up on soon but I like to take breaks painting something fun. This was an old sketch that I decided to give a second chance. Im hoping to have it done this weekend.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Taking a break from writing about a new species to be seen on The Morae soon. Im not sure what this sketch is accomplishing but I thought it was cute. ^^

We are half way through Pre College and so far things have been running somewhat smoothly. I was invited by Dugald Stermer to give a talk along with him and Ashley Benham about the illustration department and what it has to offer to students. We covered other things, such as working for clients and how illustration is turning out to be incredibly flexible these days. I went well enough and I think the students really enjoyed Dugald and they asked a good amount of questions. Barron Storey was out of town for his show down in L.A. and so I took the students to the Cartoon Art Museum for the time we were at Yerba Buena Park. It was lots of fun and I suggest you go there if you live in the bay area. The show up now is pretty amazing. They all seemed to enjoy it and are turning out to be a very good bunch.

I also finished the Earthquake Dragon that can be viewed on

Saturday, July 4, 2009


This is still a work in Progress. Its for a challenge on Art Order. Ill have to type out more once I finish him.

Summer is moving quickly and I've barely scratched the surface of what I had planned to do. Seems to always be the case. I've gotten some writing done having to do with Culas and their family trees, but I've yet to produce any new work for the Morae River. Im feeling that August will be my month to hide away in my studio and not see day light for a while. This project has gotten bigger than I ever could have expected and Im realizing that Im going to have to take it one step at a time beginning with the Highlands. I can only complete so much for my show in October. I might as well do the best I can with it.

I have a new blog at I will still keep this one updated but that will be where I post things first. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009


More work in progress ... havent gotten too far :/