Thursday, April 30, 2009


And so another semester has ended and Im exhausted. Overall things went better than I expected - all of my finals ran smoothly and my thesis came together nicely. I look at it now and it seems so small. Im hoping this is a good sign. I want to keep working on it through the summer enough to have the whole length of the river mapped out (including the river itself) in time for my show in the fall. Lots of work ahead, but fun work. There is a lot in there I'd like to rip apart and re-work.

I will be starting work on a mini pseudo (pseudo is my new favorite word) thesis about endangered animals. Im wanting to replace all of the illustrations in my gallery online and fill up with just animal and science illustration work. So expect anywhere from 12 to 15 pieces by the end of July. fishhook studio will be redesigned to hold all of my creature work and finally the morae will be up and running hopefully by the end of may to be ready to host the world I've created for my show. 

While I have so many goals over the break I do need to take it one step at a time and move my apartment by Sunday this week. The new apartment is much better as far as placement goes (in our building) and has beautiful wood floors! 

I also have an overdue commission for a good friend I've started but need to finish ASAP for his book that was just released. Eric, Im grateful for your everlasting patience. The book is amazing and you should read it. 

Thats all for now. Keep an eye out for updates to the website in the next few weeks. John is wanting to try out some new stuff with Javascript and I've volunteered my websites as test subjects. 


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sandwich Day

Ive let my aquarium go for a bit. There hasn't been fish in for some time. The plants are thriving (too much). Algae has always been a problem. Although I don't really mind the look of it. My only issue with it is that it obstructs the view and can harm the plants if left to grow wild. The Amazon swords have to be pruned all the time. Its relatively simple but for some reason I'm having trouble keeping up with it. I think once school dies down a bit ill get back into it. I might only keep two or three fish at a time to keep it sparse and easy. Once school has ended Im off to go look at fish. Im thinking Guppies might be kinda fun...hehe ^ -^