Monday, October 12, 2009

APE is around the corner and Im getting excited to be around an amazing collection of people this weekend. The Morae River book won't be ready for APE but It will be here for the show at the end of this month. Its really starting to look finished now and Im excited to hold it in my hands. I will have prints and a few smaller items for sale at my table this weekend. If you like comics and art, I recommend you come out and see whats up. It's going to be a really great event!
The Morae River exhibition will also be hosting a donation which goes, an organization that helps restore rivers in America. Im hoping it all works out, I should be receiving all the paperwork soon to make it "official".
Midterms are almost over but are taking up more time than I'd like. Im ready for this semester to be over...

Info on the image above can be found here ---> Miku