Saturday, March 19, 2011


This was an old sketch I stumbled across and I thought I'd post it. I was reminded of it by my recent "Daily Deviation" feature over on "Dinner With Gnolls" was part of an idea I had to explore gnoll customs and physiology as a way to boost my portfolio with more fantasy/concept work. The piece was sort of a turning point for me as I began to experiment with light-source a bit more than I was used to. While I'm not really fond of the piece now it was a nice surprise to have it featured as it was to stop and remember it for a minute. In any case, I'd like to explore gnolls a bit more as I usually think they are overlooked in fantasy and such. Most times they a written off as bloodthirsty and dangerous - which I suppose could be the case. However, I always have fun taking something like this and putting a naturalist twist on the subject. ;)

This is a more recent piece. Another one for Imagine FX magazine. This one should be out in stores soon. I have a few other Q&A's that will be out sooner that this one but I felt as if I should post about it now since it hadn't been put up anywhere else before now.
Work on personal projects is slow as I am busy with other projects - I feel like I've been saying this a lot. :P  Either way I'm beginning to adjust to the work load so I'm hoping to get some personal work done soon. I have some ideas for a new project I'd like to start. The Morae River has been halted for now. I think the project has been exhausted. I think there were too many restrictions with the way it was set up. In any case, I'm excited to start exploring a new world.

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