Sunday, July 19, 2009

Teeth in the grass

I saw this on the way to work today. I love walking to work because I find things like this. Oakland seems to be full of inside jokes represented by graffiti and symbols all over the place. I think its great that the internet and the street are so closely intertwined. Im sure most might find it somewhat sad, but I am really fascinated by it. I've seen so many things around the street that somehow manifest as jokes on the internet.

One week left of Pre college. The program has been a success despite some minor "road bumps" along the way. The kids are in crunch week and so they are dropping like flies with sickness and exhaustion. I forget that I've had about 4 years practice with this way of living. I am ready for a good ending to this thing next week.

The Morae River has been suffering a bit due to my 9-5 schedule but things will pick up in August. Its incredibly hard to balance a full time job, art, and life these days. I feel that Its something that will take a long time to learn and I hope to avoid it all together by keeping my profession art related soon.

I have been writing a bit about a new species that will show up on soon but I like to take breaks painting something fun. This was an old sketch that I decided to give a second chance. Im hoping to have it done this weekend.

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Tayete said...

Great blog!
It is funny how we share the same feelings about how complex it is to fit art between day job (at Spain it is from 08:30 to 19:30), and family matters.
BTW do you use digital media of watercolors?, they are fantastic.