Sunday, July 12, 2009


Taking a break from writing about a new species to be seen on The Morae soon. Im not sure what this sketch is accomplishing but I thought it was cute. ^^

We are half way through Pre College and so far things have been running somewhat smoothly. I was invited by Dugald Stermer to give a talk along with him and Ashley Benham about the illustration department and what it has to offer to students. We covered other things, such as working for clients and how illustration is turning out to be incredibly flexible these days. I went well enough and I think the students really enjoyed Dugald and they asked a good amount of questions. Barron Storey was out of town for his show down in L.A. and so I took the students to the Cartoon Art Museum for the time we were at Yerba Buena Park. It was lots of fun and I suggest you go there if you live in the bay area. The show up now is pretty amazing. They all seemed to enjoy it and are turning out to be a very good bunch.

I also finished the Earthquake Dragon that can be viewed on

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