Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Black Mardik

In progress post of the new species of Mardik that will show up on the blog soon!
Here is some info on the species:
“The black mardik is the second largest tree climber in Yabun forest as well as the second largest mardik. These mardiks are social and live in large troops of up to 30 members. The whole of the troop is made up of smaller family troops, each governed by a dominant male and female. Dominance is decided through some intimidation but is mostly carried through bloodlines and offspring. This species is the most numerous species of mardik in Yabun Forest. While each female only has one cub at a time, she can give birth up to 6 times a year. Black mardiks are great mothers and even better babysitters. The entire troop collectively looks after the young that is produced over the year. Because there is so much help with looking after young, breeding females can focus their attention on feeding and having more young.”

Also, visit Fish Hook Studio #1 for some sketches of a 6 page sequential piece I'm working on...


j. w. bjerk said...

Looks cool. It's nice to see the variation within groups.

A quibble: The birth thing isn't clear.

"While each female only has one cub at a time, she can give birth up to 6 times a year."

You mean that the female gives birth to one cub at a time, right? Then either the population is rapidly increasing, or there is a lot of attrition. If the population is roughly in equilibrium, then either a high number of young are falling to their death (which doesn't mesh well with the "great babysitter" idea), or they are being significantly preyed on by another creature. It's hard to understand what is eating them when Mardiks are the largest tree-climbers, and they rarely leave the trees.

In other words, as described the seem to be at or near the top of their corner of the food chain, but their rapid reproduction is appropriate for something lower in the food chain.

Brynn Metheney said...

Thanks, I'm excited to keep moving through the different species.

I'm glad you pointed out the breeding issue. You're right. I am still working out a lot of the kinks and should have noted that this is the first draft. Anyway, I'll work that out and most likely take the route of sparse birthing. Although I'll have to think about it some more. Perhaps I didn't completely think it all through. :P

I always appreciate your knowledge! I hoe you keep it up. :D