Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Black Mardik

In progress post of the new species of Mardik that will show up on the blog soon!
Here is some info on the species:
“The black mardik is the second largest tree climber in Yabun forest as well as the second largest mardik. These mardiks are social and live in large troops of up to 30 members. The whole of the troop is made up of smaller family troops, each governed by a dominant male and female. Dominance is decided through some intimidation but is mostly carried through bloodlines and offspring. This species is the most numerous species of mardik in Yabun Forest. While each female only has one cub at a time, she can give birth up to 6 times a year. Black mardiks are great mothers and even better babysitters. The entire troop collectively looks after the young that is produced over the year. Because there is so much help with looking after young, breeding females can focus their attention on feeding and having more young.”

Also, visit Fish Hook Studio #1 for some sketches of a 6 page sequential piece I'm working on...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Carry On

December is finally here and I'm officially finished with college! It seemed like forever and no time at all. I'll miss seeing everyone in the program all the time. I really did have an amazing time but Im glad to be done with it...

On to other things.

I've begun more writing on the Morae River recently. I'm really wanted to dive deeper into families and explore different species and how they are evolving in the area. I'm starting with the mardiks and will be introducing three new species on the blog hopefully later this month. I'll also be generating family tree graphics for the families I'm exploring. For right now I'm exploring Pernixids - the family that mardiks and balas belong to. Most of the species on the blog now will be getting makeovers and adjustments as I move deeper into Solturna. I'm hoping to generate more plant species as well and start to put them into families as well. Plants seem to get neglected...

The project has become a lot bigger and I'm hoping to shed some light on where Orcura sits in relation to us. Many viewers have been asking about it but I am a bit reluctant to give it all away at once. Either way, Im glad to be working on it again. It really is where my head is most of the day but I did need a small break to think about where I wanted to carry the project.

Expect new dinosaur work on brynnart.com soon as well as some other projects in January.

the photo above is one I took going over the golden gate not too long ago...I've only been over it twice in the 4 years I've lived in the bay area.